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I’m trying to come up with some goals for myself. Maybe goals for the year, or maybe just goals in general. I’m not sure what makes sense to set for goals. Should I try for a time? A race place? A race distance? A number of races completed? Some measure of consistency with my training? Some physical characteristic of my body (e.g. weight or body fat percentage)? I guess I have to decide why I do triathlon. If it were just to stay in shape then there are plenty of other activities I could choose that would either be more efficient or convenient. But I’m definitely not ever going to be a competitive triathlete. Part of me thinks that if I could *just train consistently* then I could be competitive within my age group (but really only in small races). But the kind of consistency and commitment that would take is probably a bit too much for me to accommodate given my work and family life. Maybe I should be measuring success by how good I feel, how happy I am. I feel much better now than I did last summer when I had all but stopped any regular exercise. I fought my way back to a baseline level of fitness mainly with the help of accountability to my friend 2-3 days a week. I don’t want to reach that point again. I want to maintain a baseline. But I also want to push it a little. Or a lot. Loosely I guess my goals for this year are:

1. Get back to where I was in 2012

2. Complete a spring, summer, and fall race (tentatively thinking International, Sprint, International)

3. Maintain consistency all the way through the season

I was doing great in 2012, but after the major push to train for Columbia I couldn’t maintain my training schedule and I even had to bail on going to Nationals. I don’t know if these are worthy goals, or specific enough. I’ll have to think about it a bit more.

On the training front, I managed to get in a 7 mile run over the weekend while we were at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. I was definitely glad I went running on Saturday because Sunday was blustery and in the teens! My Tuesday morning swim was canceled because of a snowstorm so I went three days in a row with no workouts (Sunday-Tuesday). Incredibly, I’m pretty sure that was the longest I’ve gone without a workout in more than a month! Wednesday morning I went to spin class and my swim practice was rescheduled for today. After two and a half days of chlorine fumes at Great Wolf Lodge the smell kind of makes me sick, but the swim felt great anyway. I should be starting a training plan for Rock Hall but I haven’t settled on a schedule yet. I also have some challenges coming up because of work and family events that will make it hard to follow a schedule. Balance. That’s what I need. Give a little, take a little. Just keep going.


Written by lieberwoman

February 19, 2015 at 7:49 am

Posted in Goals, training

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