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My bookend workout day

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On Tuesdays I am doing both swim and run workouts. My swim was cut short this morning because of an appointment to which I couldn’t be late. I was determined to make my run workout a “good” one this evening. And by good, I mean I wanted the workout to be exactly what it was supposed to be in my training plan. A 4 mile run in Zone 2, comfortable and aerobic, with my breathing “faster” but not “harder.” Since I am a data junkie and I’ve been reveling in all my Garmin and CycleOps glory lately I may not always focus solely on perceived effort. But that’s what my coach wants me to do right now. So today I ran with my Garmin but didn’t look at it while I ran. I tapped the lap button when I turned around so I could see how my downhill out/uphill back course effected my pace and HR, and again when I slowed down to bring my HR down for the last .25 miles. Other than that I spent the whole time running asking myself if I was in the right Zone. Was my effort level where it should be?

The outcome of this approach (and maybe it was just a good day for a run) was very positive! Instead of trying to keep my pace about the same up the hills, and ultimately going out of my Zone too quickly, causing me to have to walk or dial it way back, this time I made sure I wasn’t pushing too hard at any point. It turned out that my average pace for the entire 4 mile run (including the last .25 miles where I slowed way down) was 8:07. My “out” portion (the first 2 miles) was at a 7:45 pace average, and the 1.75 “back” portion before cooling down was at an 8:17 average pace. And my heart rate, while it did climb over the course of the run, averaged 161 and never spiked like I have tended to do recently. It’s hard to measure progress, but I did compare this run with last Tuesday’s. My time was over a minute faster for the exact same route, and my average pace was 8:07 this week versus 8:24 last week. I’ll take it!

I really like having a swim in the morning and a run in the evening to bookend my day. I start off energized and finish up feeling like I’ve accomplished something.


Written by lieberwoman

March 6, 2012 at 9:00 pm

Posted in training

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