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Elkin to Mayodan (CNC Day 1)

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Starting our first day on the bike

Starting our first day on the bike

Today was our first day on the bikes and likely the most challenging of the climbing days. Tomorrow may be harder physically because we’re not recovered from today but the hills shouldn’t be as intense.

The day started cold and windy but with everyone in a good mood. We had prepped last night so we wouldn’t have to think too much when the alarm sounded at 5:30am. We ate a hot breakfast and had some coffee, packed up our bags and headed out shortly after the course opened at 7:30am. My bike was not shifting right. Very frustrating especially since I’d taken it to Race Pace for them to fix the shifting last week and it was much worse! Luckily the first rest stop wasn’t far in to the ride, around ten miles, and the mechanic from Cycling Spoken Here fixed it up for me.

The first 30 miles were cold and had some hills but nothing too bad. I remarked that this much easier than the Corkscrew Century a few weeks ago. Yeah, shut up Self… Don’t anger the universe!

The third rest stop was at about 30 miles (we skipped the second one at 20) in the town of Pilot Mountain. We had yummy PBJ sandwiches and hung out for a bit. We got back on our bikes and very soon the route got MUCH more challenging! The hubs had a flat at the bottom of one of the hills, for our second mechanical issue of the day.

Fixing a flat

It's never fun to get a flat!

The only other rest stop was at mile 50, and we were definitely ready for it.

At the final rest stop

At the final rest stop

We left the stop and climbed a bunch more. When we had just about 5 miles to go we hit a long fairly flat stretch and thought we might be home free. Not so! When we got to the distance the route was supposed to be it kept going. For about 3 more miles, including a steep hill up to the campsite! Hello cramping legs and sore knees!

We putzed around until our bags were off the truck and then showered and checked out theet site. Now we’re hitting the sack hoping to good recovery sleep. It’s 8:10 pm. I am pooped!

Oh, today I also learned that country fences are electrified. Yes, the hard way! Ouch! I was posing for a picture with Pilot Mountain behind me and felt the shock, but I didn’t realize what it was, and actually at first thought it was a back spasm since my back had starting hurting really badly at one point on the ride. Right about when I got the second shock the hubs and a couple of guys riding by were yelling at me that it would shock me. Those guys all got quite a laugh about what a city girl I am. They also had a funny conversation about how it’s much worse when you pee on one of the fences… Apparently this is a common thing for country boys to do growing up. Yikes!

Pilot Mountain

A "Shocking" View of Pilot Mountain

My Garmin said that today we did 67.32 miles with about a 4700 ft elevation gain.


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October 2, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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